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A strong employer brand

Holistic occupational health management increases employer attractiveness

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With its extensive range of products, Nürnberger Versicherung covers a large part of its customers’ needs: Life insurance, private health insurance, indemnity insurance, accident insurance and car insurance; they are also insurance partners for the most important areas of the financial services industry. In addition, their social commitment to culture and sports stands out.


A uniform health management concept for all employees

Establishment of a health partnership between policyholders and corporate customers

Establishment of differentiating features with regard to employer branding


Digital health promotion that is accessible anytime, anywhere

A holistic health offer covering the individual needs of all employees

A unique combination of in-house insurance products and Humanoo services

Nürnberger with over 4,500 employees - best practice in occupational health management

Stress is a daily reality and, in some cases, it can even have positive effects: stress helps us cope with daily challenges and motivates us to achieve our goals.

Positive stress is important for a healthy life. But at high levels, stress quickly becomes a burden.
In some cases, the Covid-19 pandemic has further increased the stress levels of working people.

Many people feel that their job is one of the biggest stressors in their lives. That’s why companies are increasingly taking the initiative to reduce work-related pressure at the first sign of stress and mental agitation.

In collaboration with YouGov, LinkedIn surveyed nearly 1,100 professionals – mostly employees – on the topic of stress. The results are thought-provoking:

  • 57% of participants report high levels of tension at work.
  • 44% feel anxious
  • 40% suffer from sleep disorders

Stress therefore seems to be one of the indicators of poor punctuality, sick days, quality of work and staff turnover in our time.

But how can we act proactively? A closer look at the evaluation shows that 62% of respondents want their employer to help them better withstand stress. In addition, 71% of employees want to improve their own stress management skills. A good condition to support employees as an employer!

“Humanoo helps companies fulfill their responsibilities as a top employer by providing health services. We increase employee retention through health activity, bring colleagues together in an onsite and remote workday through community activities in offline and online events, and create a space for direct exchange between coach and employee about mental and physical challenges,” explains Pogoretschnik.

Thanks to Covid, employee health has become the business of leaders. Companies have to reinvent themselves to offer measures that are adapted to a changing world of work and meet the needs of employees.

Since 2021, the insurance company Nürnberger Versicherung, one of Germany’s award-winning Top Employers, has been providing its more than 4,500 employees with access to Humanoo in the context of occupational health management.

Humanoo supports Nürnberger Versicherung as a health partner. It is gratifying that since 2021, all Nürnberger Versicherung employees have been able to take advantage of Humanoo’s offerings and actively participate in them.

But the insurance also helps other employers to strengthen and preserve the health of their employees. In addition to company health insurance or income protection, it has been offering its customers Humanoo’s digital product “Corporate Health Management” since the beginning of 2021.

This allows each employee to individually benefit from the health offering through their employer. According to Harald Rosenberger, member of the management board of Nürnberger Lebens-/Krankenversicherung, digital corporate health management allows for a sustainable investment in employee health in a hybrid working world.

Rosenberger continues: “With a mix of Humanoo and Nürnberger’s coverage products, we offer companies solutions to keep employees healthy and also to help them become healthy – leading to a win-win situation for companies and employees.”