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Strengthen the bond with your employees

Our holistic health offer increases the engagement of your employees and strengthens your company from the inside. What Humanoo offers:

  • Employee Retention
  • Increased Productivity
  • Employer Branding

The problem is…

  • High fluctuation
  • High competitivity of talented employees
  • Demographic change
  • Low productivity

Humanoo offers…

  • Measures for employee engagement
  • A wider range of employee benefits
  • Gamified content for the younger generation
  • Incentives for personal growth

Your Benefits

Successful Employee Retention

The health of all employees increases satisfaction within the company. This strengthens Employee Retention.

Greater Employer Branding

With a holistic health offer, your company stands out from the competition on the labor market.

Increased Productivity

Health measures reduce stress and strengthen a growth-oriented corporate culture.

A holistic health offer

3000+ wellbeing programs, access to psychologists & coaches in 1-on-1 video coaching sessions, and many more features.

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Our Features – App


16 different types of challenges that strengthen the team spirit and the sense of belonging to the company.

1-on-1 Video Coaching

Professional guidance on personal issues to strengthen a growth-oriented corporate culture.


Employee surveys provide valuable feedback on overall satisfaction within the company.


Interactive quizzes for targeted promotion of health awareness.

Personalized content

Employees receive content tailored to their own health goals in order to strengthen the corporate culture.


Employees are motivated to regularly use the health management measures through visualized progress.


The rewards in our Marketplace encourage engaging in regular health activities.

3,000+ health promotion programs

Our holistic health offer covers all needs within the company…

Weekly Classes

Weekly classes led by health experts motivate employees to lead healthier lifestyles.


Employees receive important information via push notifications and newsfeed posts.


Our app provides the entire company with an easy overview of all upcoming events.


With numerous categories, our library offers specific content for individual health promotion.

Our Features – Dashboard


Create surveys or analyses to get valuable feedback on how to improve employee engagement.


Create events, share them across the organization, and manage them easily with our calendar.


Create your own quizzes to reinforce a healthy company culture.

Aggregated Reporting

Aggregated reporting of key health data in order to improve employee engagement.

Data Compliance

Thanks to our secure data processing, the privacy of all employees is ensured at all times.


Communicate efficiently with the entire organization through tailored notifications containing relevant information.

HR Tools

Simplify management of OHM activities through integration with more than 40 of the world’s leading HR tools.


Humanoo is compatible with more than 90% of all existing trackers designed to collect important health data.

Talk to us!

Tell us about your expectations and needs. Select your challenges and you’ll receive a demo version from us – tailored to your company’s health and wellness goals.

What are your goals?

– Higher participation rates in OHM measures

– Increased health awareness

– Increased employee engagement

– Time savings in the implementation of OHM measures

– A unified reporting

– A holistic health offer