4 reasons why you should use Humanoo

Get exclusive access to the Humanoo Health app and join our community of over 300,000 users.

Over 3,000 coaching sessions

Discover personalised workouts and physio exercises, as well as programmes for mindfulness, stress reduction and sleep.

Cash and other rewards

Receive attractive rewards when you attend our health insurance certified courses, such as our back class.

Challenges & Weekly Classes

Challenge your team with the Step Challenge and train with Humanoo coaches every week.

500 recipes & nutrition programmes

Vegan, gluten-free or low-carb – discover recipes and find tips to help you achieve a balanced diet.

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Spoil yourself and get your Cashback.

At Humanoo, we know that everyday stress arises in different life phases and that it’s not always easy to take care of yourself.

That’s why we reward you with up to € 100 every year for your activity.

At Humanoo we’ve shown through studies that a daily incentive can encourage you to take good care of yourself and to build healthy habits.

One app. Many possibilities. Anytime and anywhere – tailored to your self-care routine. That’s Humanoo!

Fitness for a healthy lifestyle

With Humanoo, we bring movement into your everyday life and ensure that you leave your everyday stress behind.

From physio training to HIIT – our programmes are ideal not only for you to recover from the back pain from sitting at your desk, but to train your endurance and increase your muscle mass. Whether it’s at work or during your free time – Humanoo is always tailored to your needs.

Mindfulness for your inner balance

We know it’s not always easy to take good care of yourself. Your mind is in full swing both day and night, so it can be difficult to shut down in the evenings before bed and take some time for yourself.

That’s why our holistic mindfulness offer includes both a variety of yoga routines and motivational training for the morning hours, as well as sleep meditations and breathing exercises for relaxing in the evenings. Your mental state is crucial for your health and thus also for your daily performance.

Healthy eating habits

You are what you eat – everyone’s heard this sentence before. But it’s because it’s true. We work around the clock, physically and mentally. We know that needs also change depending on the challenge: During a long day at the office, brain food can help you concentrate better. On days when you’re moving around a lot, you need restorative nutrients. We support you with suitable recipes and nutrition courses to find out what you need to feel good all round.

Team challenges for more enjoyment in exercise

We all know it: sometimes you need a little push to get into the swing of things. With Humanoo Challenges, you, your colleagues, and your friends can challenge each other and get motivated. Even your commute to work can be fun again! Or how about a dance or jogging challenge? Get creative and create a challenge of your choice for yourself and your favourite people.

Hey ho, let’s go!

Weekly classes

Humanoo also offers you weekly classes where you can try out new workouts together with the Humanoo Community.

last wek

Yoga Class with Sonja

Yoga Class at 6:30pm

this week

Yoga Class with Chris

Yoga Class at 6:30pm

next week

Fitness Class with Tim

Fitness Class at 6:30pm

"Since I use Humanoo for short meditation exercises while I'm at work, I've been much more relaxed and balanced in the office and at home."

Timo, 35, from Dortmund

Feel good - at the office and at home

15.000.000 Euro

have already been paid out to our Community in Cashbacks. Take part and get rewarded for your daily activity.

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