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Europe’s largest coaching platform

We offer a variety of movement, mindfulness and nutrition coaching, from workouts and physiotherapy sessions to meditation and recipe ideas.

Individual goals and customised content

HUMANOO helps you reach your goals, whether it’s losing weight, building muscle or managing stress.

“Unlock your way to a healthy life”

– HUMANOO Vision Statement

Track activities and join challenges

Set your step goal and track your daily progress in our challenges. Connect your fitness tracker with HUMANOO and keep track of your achievements.

Get rewarded for your lifestyle

We reward healthy lifestyle choices! Earn up to 150€ a year depending on your health insurance for your activities.

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  • HUMANOO is an exclusive app for the employees and members of companies and health insurances. The HUMANOO ID unlocks the app and gives you full access to the content.

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Proven to be effective by studies

HUMANOO’s lasting effect and positive impact on health was demonstrated by various studies.

Physical fitness

Improves physical fitness and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases


Improves BMI by reducing visceral and absolute fat

Reduces stress

Reduces stress and improves overall wellbeing

Motivation & sleep

Boosts motivation and improves sleep long-term


Winner of Awards 2017/2018