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Your health app that motivates you with daily routines to a healthier life. Anytime, anywhere – in the office and at home.

4 reasons why you should use Humanoo

Get exclusive access to the Humanoo Health app and join our worldwide community.

Over 3,000
coaching sessions

Discover personalised workouts and physio exercises, as well as programmes for mindfulness, stress reduction and sleep.

Cash and
other rewards

Receive attractive rewards for your participation in our courses and your health activities.

Challenges & Weekly Classes

Challenge your team with the Step Challenge and train with Humanoo coaches every week.

500 recipes &
nutrition programmes

Vegan, gluten-free or low-carb – discover recipes and find tips to help you achieve a balanced diet.

The Work-Life Balance App

Holistic approach

Fitness for a healthy lifestyle

Humanoo keeps you moving through your day and helps you to leave stress behind.

We offer everything from workouts informed by physiotherapy to HIIT, with programmes tailored to suit your needs, whether you want to get rid of back pain caused by sitting at a desk all day, improve your endurance or increase your muscle mass. Our workouts are perfect for at home or in the office – if you want to get fit, Humanoo is the app for you!

Healthy eating habits

You know the saying: you are what you eat. And it’s true. We are always on the go, either physically or mentally. And the fuel we choose to power our bodies should change based on what the day has in store for us. Planning a long day in the office? Brain food can really improve your concentration. On the other hand, if your day will involve a lot of physical activity, you’ll want to choose fortifying meals to keep you going. We offer a variety of recipes and nutrition courses so you can educate yourself about what your body needs to feel good.

Over 3,000 self-care sessions

You want to learn how to deal with stress, discover how to move more or finally do something about that back pain? The Humanoo Health App can help! It takes a holistic approach, guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle with fitness programmes, mindfulness exercises and nutritional information.

There’s something for everyone and every situation, with 3,000 courses matched to your personal fitness level: stretch at your desk, workout after work or practice mindfulness to reduce stress.

Find your inner balance, with mindfulness

We know it’s not always easy to take good care of yourself. There is so much to do, and so little time to do it in – it can be hard to wind down before going to sleep, or find a few moments to take some time for yourself.

That’s why our holistic mindfulness programmes include a variety of yoga routines and motivational workouts for getting yourself ready to go in the morning, as well as sleep meditation options and breathing exercises for relaxing in the evening. Taking care of your mental health is an essential part of a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Weekly Classes

At 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday, you can work out together with our Humanoo personal trainers – the workouts are never longer than 20 minutes, the perfect end to your workday. We offer a different type of exercise every week – HIIT, yoga, mobility training – and sessions in German, English, French and Italian.

Wednesday doesn’t work for you? Not a problem, all our weekly classes are available at any time in the Humanoo app.

Team building, with challenges

Run together with your colleagues in challenges against other teams and companies and strengthen the team spirit. Together we are stronger!

We reward you for your health progress

Set your personal goals

Record your healthy activities

Track your progress and collect points

Exchange points for cash and non-cash prizes

What can Humanoo do for your organisation?

For Companies

Automate your corporate health and wellbeing programme and measure your ROI – on a single platform.

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For Insurances

Acquire and retain customers with flexible bonus models and corporate health and wellbeing solutions – using just one platform.

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