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Expand your offer and strengthen the relationship with your customers

Our holistic health platform adds value to your customer care. What Humanoo offers:

  • An everyday Health Partner
  • Increased NPS
  • Increased customer retention

The problem is...

  • High customer expectations
  • Little positive touch points
  • No relevance to everyday life as a health partner
  • No relevant incentives for health activity

Humanoo offers…

  • A holistic health platform
  • 3,000+ health promotion programs
  • Incentives for regular activity
  • Rewards as an incentive for health-promoting activities

Your benefits

An everyday health partner

We expand your range of insurance products with a preventive digital health solution making you a relevant part of everyday life.

Increased customer retention

Our holistic approach covers employees as a whole. Your health offer provides all-round care for your customers.

Increased NPS

Our health offer allows you to address any concerns. This greatly increases the satisfaction of your customers.

Healthy users

Our innovative tools encourage regular participation. This effectively promotes your users’ health.

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Our Features - App


We offer companies 16 different types of challenges that encourage employees to participate in OHM on a regular basis.

1-on-1 Video Coaching

In one-on-one sessions, employees discuss their individual concerns with psychologists and coaches.


Companies use surveys to gather valuable input from all employees on health-related topics.


Fun quizzes help employees raise health awareness and promote healthy lifestyles.

Personalized content

We provide employees with a range of personalized content in the areas of fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition.


Employees receive an overview of their progress in order to consistently achieve their health goals.


We incentivize employees to focus on their health by rewarding regular activity.

3,000+ health promotion programs

Our holistic offering of 3,000+ programs covers any health needs in the company.

Weekly Classes

Employees can participate in weekly classes taught by health experts.


Employees receive notifications with relevant information via our app.


In our app, we keep the employees informed about all the upcoming events in the company.


For targeted health promotion, we have put together specific content in categories for each of the company’s needs.

Our Features - Dashboard


Companies create surveys to obtain valuable input from all employees on how to quickly identify areas for improvement.


Use our calendar to create events, share them with all employees and manage them easily.


Companies can create quizzes and promote health awareness among all employees.

Aggregated Reporting

Our aggregated reporting keeps companies up to date on the health data of their employees.

Data Compliance

We process data in a compliant manner to ensure the privacy of all employees at all times.


Through customized notifications, companies share relevant information with employees.

HR Tools

Humanoo integrates with more than 30 of the world’s leading HR tools to simplify the management of OHM activities.


Humanoo is compatible with more than 90% of all trackers on the market to collect data on progress.

Talk to us!

Tell us about your expectations and needs. Select your challenges and you will receive a demo version from us – tailored to the health and well-being goals of your customers.

What do you want to provide to your customers?

– Higher participation rates in OHM measures

– Increased health awareness

– Higher employee satisfaction

– Time savings in the implementation of health management measures

– A unified reporting

– A holistic health offer