Graphics and statistics provide clear reporting


Quarterly, you receive aggregated reports with the most important data on your employees’ health activities. The benefits for you:

  • Time saving
  • A key control element
  • Increased participation in OHM
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All important data at a glance

Each quarter you receive a report with the most important metrics. With Humanoo’s premium service, you have access to extended data.

The most important metrics include:

  • Activation Rate
  • Request Rate
  • User Cohorts
The problem is…
  • high time expenditure
  • sensitive data
  • low participation in OHM
Our feature provides…
  • a uniform process
  • GDPR-compliant data processing
  • identification of improvement potentials

Consistent and time-efficient

With our reporting, the employees’ interests as well as the effectiveness of the measures can be assessed quickly and uniformly.

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Activation Rate

A woman checks her request rate on her cell phone. -Reporting

Request Rate

A woman checks her data on her cell phone -Reporting

User Cohorts

Easy and uncomplicated application

Reporting is easily available through our panel.

Quarterly reporting

Our reporting is provided to you quarterly with key metrics.


The reportings can be found in the section of the same name within the panel.


Simply select a report and download the data for further use.