Beat the Heat! Sport and exercise in the summer

It can be hard to move at all in the summer heat. The smallest amount of activity can have you sweating profusely, and the heat zaps your energy.

Even if it’s hard, it’s important to keep up your fitness routine right now. There is nothing wrong with slowing down a notch to avoid over-exertion in the summer, though. As long as you follow the following 6 rules, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do sports in the hot summer months, too!

1. Where and when – that’s what matters

Especially if you prefer outdoor sports, it’s best to do them when it’s cool, either in the morning or evening, during the summer months. The best time to do outdoor sports is after a thunderstorm when the air has cooled down and humidity is higher. However, you should avoid exercising and doing sports in the middle of the day. Whether you want to run, cycle, or do a meditation or yoga session: a forest with its many shady trees is a fantastic place to go.

2. Take it easy 

Summer workouts should be slower and gentler. Even if you’re used to working harder, don’t put too much strain on your body at once. After all, your muscles and circulation still need to get used to the new temperatures. Specifically, that means you can take several breaks between workouts. As a general rule: always listen to your body because we all cope differently with high temperatures. Remember that even at the height of summer, it’s important to warm up before doing sports, since outside temperatures don’t affect how your muscles warm up.

3. Choose sports that cool you down

Running can be really hard work in extreme temperatures. A more fun alternative could be cycling, as the breeze at higher speeds can help keep you cool. But the best thing to do in the summer is definitely swimming – whether at the indoor or outdoor pool, or in a lake: a swim in cold water is not only amazingly refreshing before work, but also a fantastic endurance exercise, which makes it a great alternative to running.

4. Drink plenty

Since, of course, you perspire more in the summer, you really need to compensate for the loss of fluids when you exercise by drinking more than usual. Additional isotonic drinks can help your body absorb the fluids faster. They also provide important minerals that you lose when you perspire.

5. Sunscreen and insect repellents

Running in the forest or park can end badly in the summer if the mosquitoes take a liking to you. They are often attracted by the smell of deodorants and perfumes. So, remember to use an insect repellent before leaving the house – and sunscreen if you won’t be running in the shade all the way.

6. Indoor Sports

You could, of course, just work out indoors. If you’ve got a gym membership anyway, you probably already appreciate the air conditioning. But avoid using equipment that is directly in line with the air conditioning unit. You may end up with tense muscles if the cool air hits your sweaty skin for any length of time. If you don’t enjoy the gym and prefer working out alone, it might be worth investing in some equipment of your own. Having your own cross-trainer means you don’t need to worry about the weather and can be more spontaneous with your workouts. You’ll probably even exercise more than you would if you had to bother with getting ready to go to the gym.

The HUMANOO team wishes you a great summer!

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