Weekly Classes

Employees can attend Weekly Classes taught by health experts. This results in:

  • Employee engagement
  • A growth-oriented culture
  • Motivation and productivity
Weekly classes on the Humanoo App

Health promotion through weekly content

A woman cooks with the weekly classes

Our Weekly Classes provide an easy introduction to various topics with links to the full Humanoo program.

We offer Weekly Classes on:

  • Fitness
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Meditation

The problem is…

  • low participation in OHM
  • lack of health awareness
  • low personalization of OHM measures

Our feature provides ...

  • incentives for regular activity
  • direct input from experts
  • changing topics for any needs

High participation rate

Our Weekly Classes offer employees varied content every week, delivered by experts. Available in 4 different languages.

A woman makes sport with the weekly classes


A man meditates with the weekly classes


A woman continues her education with the weekly classes


Easy and uncomplicated application

Our Weekly Classes are easily available in the app.


Each week there are 3 Weekly Classes to choose from in the app available for a limited time.



The content can be viewed in any of the languages within the available time.



Employees can pause and replay Weekly Classes at their convenience.