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With over 18,000 employees, the IT company ComputaCenter is one of the leading technology partners – in the private and public sectors. They actively support their international customers in the procurement, transformation and, most recently, management of new technologies.


A uniform OHM concept for all employees, regardless of their location

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Numerous challenges that increase motivation as a team

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Humanoo Success Story: Computacenter

Computacenter is a company listed on the London Stock Exchange FTSE 250 and employs over 18,000 people worldwide. As a leading independent technology partner, the IT service provider enjoys the trust of large companies and public sector organizations. Computacenter supports its customers in the procurement, transformation and management of their technology infrastructures to enable the digital transformation that will support businesses and their employees.

At Humanoo, we place great value on the satisfaction of our partners and customers. That’s why we spoke with Silke Puetz, HR Manager and Group Business Services Operations Manager at Computacenter.

In this short interview, Silke Puetz talks about how Humanoo has positively impacted Computacenter’s business and increased productivity and employee engagement.

What industry are you in?

IT, information technology.

What challenges did you face in the healthcare sector and what solution did you look for?

One of the biggest health-related challenges was supporting our employees during the long lockdown periods. Work and private life were different from what we had been used to. There were contact restrictions and little to no opportunity to get out of the house. All social activities were suspended, and sports clubs could not offer on-site training. The arrangements varied in the different countries where Computacenter operates, but they all had one thing in common: Private and professional life took place almost exclusively within the home.

This was a physical and psychological challenge for most people. That’s why we wanted to create new feel-good offerings that could be easily accessed via smartphone.

Why did you choose Humanoo?

It was important for us to find a service provider that we could use in the various countries of our corporate group.

A decisive basic requirement was the language selection in English, German, French and Italian. We were also looking for a provider who could cover the four pillars of our BeWell approach: move well, eat well, think well and sleep well. Humanoo convinced us with its profound expertise in all these areas.

With Humanoo, I always have my gym with me: I can use the app anytime and anywhere, even when traveling. All wellness offerings are available on a single platform: An eclectic mix of online courses, knowledge articles and live classes.

What was the biggest moment of success you experienced together with Humanoo?

That was our BeWell Step Challenge. 360 teams from all Computacenter countries competed against each other and ran around the world a total of 14.3 times. The Step Challenge connected us around the globe. It was so much fun to see the numerous photos and videos that the teams shared with each other!

But most importantly, the competition has clearly fostered team spirit and movement in the lives of our employees: That’s the goal we wanted to achieve with Humanoo!

How has Humanoo improved your daily life and that of your employees?

My personal favorites are the short exercises: Eye relaxation or stretching exercises for the neck, shoulders and back, which are perfect for breaks and which I also like to do in the fresh air.

The feedback from colleagues is also extremely positive: They try out recipes, exchange ideas and challenge each other with numerous step challenges. Many start the day with yoga exercises and end it with relaxation or meditation exercises. Humanoo spurs us all on to get healthier every day.

What is your motivation to make people healthier?

There is a close connection between physical and mental health. I want to create an effective support system: We all need help in different areas of life. Whether professional or family problems, stress management or depression – people face many problems in everyday life. We want to be there for them and support them every step of the way.

What health KPIs have you achieved with Humanoo?

Within a short time, 30% of employees across the Group had registered on the app. It is remarkable that the offer is so well received by our employees.

What advice would you give to someone who is facing the same challenges as you and is thinking about working with Humanoo?

Even though Humanoo’s offer is excellent, it’s not enough to simply offer it and publicize the launch. Internal communication must be rethought and time and resources planned accordingly. In order to spread the word about the individual offers on well-being topics and promotions, regular communication is key. This is the best way to make the most of Humanoo’s wide range of offerings, promote employee satisfaction and health, and improve their performance and engagement.

What are your next health goals?

We want to further promote our existing offerings and integrate them into the onboarding processes to increase their awareness and subsequent engagement. We are also looking forward to expanding the offering to meet the growing wellness needs in the different countries of our group by expanding the services offered.