Rewards on the Humanoo App


We motivate employees to actively work on their health – by rewarding progress.

  • Motivation and productivity
  • Employee engagement
  • A strong corporate culture
A man checks his premiums on his cell phone.

Motivating employees to achieve health goals

Employees unlock diamonds after completing a session. Once they have collected a certain number of diamonds, they can use them to purchase rewards in the rewards section.

Employees earn rewards for:

  • Completed exercises
  • Daily goals
  • Weekly goals
  • A number of steps achieved
The problem is…
  • low participation in OHM
  • high fluctuation
  • strong competition on the labor market
Our feature provides…
  • incentives for regular participation
  • increased employee engagement
  • enhanced benefits for employees

High participation rate

Rewards serve as an incentive for regular participation in health activities. In this way, employees build up a healthier lifestyle over time and strengthen the corporate culture.

The premiums were redeemed for newly planted trees

Up to 10 planted trees

Redeem rewards for plastic collection

Up to 10 kg of collected plastic

Easy and uncomplicated application

Our programs can easily be completed in the app.

Completing exercises

Employees set goals and earn a certain number of diamonds for each completed activity.

Collecting points

Employees earn points over a period of time. We reward certain activities with bonuses.

Earning bonuses

Employees can exchange their earned diamonds for rewards in the marketplace. These can include vouchers for various stores.