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Cook your way to happiness - enjoy healthy, delicious recipes tailored to your taste and needs!
From vegan to gluten-free, you're bound to find something you like in our healthy range of recipes.
Share the recipes with others via email, messages or social media.
Save your favourites and fill your cookbook with tasty, healthy recipes.
Keep an eye on the time and cook your meals to perfection with our practical timer. 
Choose from 500 healthy, delicious recipes - HUMANOO tailors the selection to your allergies, diet and how much time you have to cook.
Having a balanced diet with HUMANOO is incredibly easy, varied and, most importantly, really delicious!
Christiane Hübbe
Nutrition Expert

Your Food Diary.

Your Food Diary.

Develop healthy eating habits day by day.
Drink More
Stay hydrated throughout the day.
Less Sugar
Includes your morning toast with jam.
More Fruit
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. 
More Veg
Vitamins to brighten up your plate.
More Pulses
A tasty yet underrated protein source.

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