Our missions encourage employees to engage in health activities by rewarding the achievement of selected health goals with diamonds.

  • Increased participation in OHM
  • A growth-oriented culture
  • Motivation and productivity
Missions on the Humanoo App

Motivating employees to lead a healthier lifestyle

A woman checks out the new Missions

Our missions motivate employees to consistently achieve health goals each month.

We offer missions to:

  • Units & Programs
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Contests

The problem is…

  • low participation in OHM
  • a lack of health awareness
  • low motivation

Our feature provides ...

  • incentives for daily activity
  • educational content
  • a growth-oriented culture

High participation in OHM

For each completed mission, employees can earn diamonds. We offer missions several times a month for a limited period of time.




Easy and uncomplicated application

Our missions motivate employees to engage in a variety of health activities.

Units & Programs

We encourage employees to complete units & programs in the areas of Mindfulness, Movement, and Nutrition.


Our quizzes help employees raise their health awareness and build a healthier lifestyle.


We promote health activity with competitions – for example, where employees upload photos showing their healthy breakfasts in order to win diamonds.