Missions on the Humanoo App


Our missions encourage employees to engage in health activities by rewarding the achievement of selected health goals with diamonds.

  • Increased participation in OHM
  • A growth-oriented culture
  • Motivation and productivity
A woman writes contentedly on the cell phone -missions

Motivating employees to lead a healthier lifestyle

Our missions motivate employees to consistently achieve health goals each month.

We offer missions to:

  • Units & Programs
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Contests
The problem is…
  • low participation in OHM
  • a lack of health awareness
  • low motivation
Our feature provides …
  • incentives for daily activity
  • educational content
  • a growth-oriented culture

High participation in OHM

For each completed mission, employees can earn diamonds. We offer missions several times a month for a limited period of time.

Female fitness trainer conduct online workout class on video call over laptop. Woman in sportswear teaching lunge exercises online with laptop.


The young man doing physical exercises at home - missions


Woman, laptop or fintech phone app in house or home kitchen for finance budget, investment accounting or insurance taxes. Thinking mature person with technology, paper or document for retirement loan. - missions


Easy and uncomplicated application

Our missions motivate employees to engage in a variety of health activities.

Units & Programs

We encourage employees to complete units & programs in the areas of Mindfulness, Movement, and Nutrition.


Our quizzes help employees raise their health awareness and build a healthier lifestyle.


We promote health activity with competitions – for example, where employees upload photos showing their healthy breakfasts in order to win diamonds.