5 survival tips for your corona Christmas

Oh, how merry we are? With the coronavirus refusing to take some time off, we can only look forward to a ‘light’ version of Christmas this year. Does that mean Christmas will only be half as cheerful as usual? We at Humanoo think: no, absolutely not. 

In our first article on #coronachristmas, we spoke about Christmas being a kind of ‘final hurdle’ — but the last article for this month will contain nothing but kind and encouraging words. Even if Christmas won’t be the same as usual for any of us — that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be worse!

We’re absolutely sure: no matter how you’ll be spending this Christmas and no matter which rituals you’ll have to forego, with a good helping of optimism, acceptance, and creativity, we can make this feast a good one. Our 5 survival tips will see you well-equipped to make the most of this corona Christmas.

Tip 1: Christmas market ‘to go’ 

Even if the Christmas markets can’t take place — lots of pubs, cafés, and restaurants in our neighbourhood are still open and waiting to serve us! And they’ve made some changes: buy some tasty, mulled wine and hot chocolate from their take-away counter — it’s sure to put you in the Christmas mood!

How about dressing up warm, going for a walk, and arranging a ‘café crawl’ with your loved ones? Just choosing your route can be an exciting thing to do. You’ll get out into the fresh air and your visit will help the hospitality industry in these tough times. 

But what about the tasty Christmas snacks? Hot mushrooms, sweet crêpes, or roasted almonds — yes, we miss them, too! They’re the sort of thing you can quite easily make in your own kitchen, though — just make them before you go for your walk and enjoy them on the way. And you won’t even have to queue up at the stall to get them!

Tip 2: Have a digital Christmas

The limits on how many people we can see this Christmas are creating logistical issues for some families — who will be celebrating with whom? How do we divide ourselves? Still, not being able to surround ourselves physically with all our loved ones doesn’t mean that Christmas Eve will be sad or boring: Christmas 2020 will simply be going online! We’ve already learnt how to do it: you can spend surprisingly nice and funny hours together on Zoom, Skype, and co. — and that at a safe distance. 

Those of us who don’t want to or can’t be at the table in person can simply have a tablet in their place and join in live — it may seem somewhat strange, but we’ve already got used to strange things this year!

How about organising a digital Christmas dinner and inviting all your loved ones? You might even manage to have more people ‘over’, and spend a more fun and sociable time together than any previous Christmas. You can even unwrap the presents and enjoy sweet treats on a screen — and there’s another great advantage: there’ll be no need to argue over the Christmas music because you’ll each be able to decide for yourselves!

Tip 3: Have your Christmas dinner delivered

Whether a Christmas brunch at a café or a 3-course meal at a restaurant — just because dining in at a restaurant is not an option, doesn’t mean you’ll have to go without the Christmas delights you look forward to all year!

Lots of restaurants and delicatessens have become quite creative thanks to lockdown and have switched to home deliveries. That way, you get the meal you want — maybe even an entire bird — delivered contactless to your door. Some pubs are even offering home delivery for cocktails — you’ll actually be able to get that pub feeling at home and see what it’s like being a bartender at Christmas.

And the best thing: you can still enjoy something nice over Christmas without the stress in the kitchen and you’re supporting the hospitality industry in these difficult times.

Tip 4: Stream Christmas concerts online 

Do you like going to church, the theatre, or a concert at Christmas? There’s no reason to miss it this year. Some organisers are streaming straight to your living room — it’s almost like having your very own private show.

Have a look at which programmes will be available in your town or region via live stream and treat yourself to your usual dose of culture at home. The TV channel ‘Arte Concert‘ also has a big selection of international performances and concerts for you to spend perfectly peaceful evenings over Christmas!

Tip 5: Only the best for your me-time

Are you spending Christmas on your own? Lots of other people will be in the same situation this year — but it’s no reason to be lonely! It could actually be an excellent excuse to just focus on yourself — without time restraints, getting stressed over cooking, or any other obligations.

Ask yourself: what do you really fancy doing? Anything that makes you feel good is allowed! Simply order a special Christmas meal (without worrying whether the others will like it), treat yourself to a spa day, or do some crafts at home, or binge watch Christmas movies on Netflix. You don’t fancy any of the traditional Christmas rituals? That’s fine, too. After all, you’re the boss and it’s up to you to decide how you want to spend your Merry Grinchmas!

We wouldn’t mind betting that you can easily make Christmas last even longer! We’ve also learnt this year how to keep in touch even when we can’t be together — so if you do end up feeling lonely, connect virtually with your loved ones — or with all the others who are spending Christmas alone. 

Our extra tip: spend a mindful Christmas 

And here’s another tip straight from our experts at Humanoo: this Christmas is going to be different — so what if we see it as an opportunity to look at the usual celebrations from a different perspective? By being mindful?

It may seem ironic: thanks to less stress and fewer engagements and expectations, we have more space to totally focus on the moment. Whether you’re enjoying your Christmas dinner or decorating the tree — make sure you’re really present in the here and now and turn your mind to the things that really make you happy. Would you like to also do some meditation? On our app, you’ll find both short and longer sessions that will help you to feel centred. 

Maybe this #coronachristmas will create something that will outlast the pandemic: a new realisation of what is really important to us, more serenity in dealing with stress, and more appreciation for the times when we can all be together again — soon, hopefully. Without social distancing. 

With that in mind: we wish you and your loved ones a mindful Christmas, wonderful encounters — whether online or offline — and, above all: good health.

Your Humanoo team

Written by HUMANOO Experts Team

Originally published on 18. December 2020

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