Humanoo and SCOR team up

The e-health startup Humanoo and the French reinsurance company SCOR, one of the largest reinsurers worldwide, are teaming up. The collaboration is another major milestone for the young Berlin-based SaaS company, which specialises in digital well-being. Humanoo is now positioning itself even more effectively on the French market by working with SCOR and is sure to benefit from its vast network in the global insurance industry.

“We want to empower policyholders to become agents of their own wellbeing. That’s why we opted for the digital health app Humanoo, which encourages its users to make a long-term commitment to their health, with its wealth of content and its innovative reward system”, says David Caron, Head of the French Market at SCOR Life France.

Humanoo is already ahead of the game in the e-health industry with 10 times higher user engagement rates. Thanks to the partnership with SCOR, the so-called BAM (Biological Age Model) will be integrated into the Humanoo app. This Model analyses user activities and how these activities influence their life expectancy, thereby calculating the users’ biological age. “The partnership with SCOR is a significant milestone for Humanoo in establishing digital prevention measures on the European insurance and corporate market. We appreciate SCOR’s innovative power and look forward to working together”, says CEO and founder of Humanoo, Philip Pogoretschnik.

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