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Make it your mantra: A healthy mind in a healthy body


“Mens sana in corpore sano” is a famous saying by the Roman poet Juvenal and means “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” There is a lot of truth in it: a rested and well-balanced body forms the base for a well-functioning mind, and vice-versa. Here you can find 7 tips for taking care of your body and mind.

Brain jogging

Brain jogging is a memory training with targeted exercises to strengthen your brain. Another interpretation of brain jogging is to put on your training shoes and get out into the fresh air to come back mentally stronger. Exercise helps to soothe many mental health issues: in some cases, it can prevent depression, anxiety, distractedness, and nervousness, improving mental fitness.

Ein Frau trainiert durchs Lesen ihren Geist
Beautiful young mixed race woman sitting in an armchair by the window, reading a book and enjoying leisure time at home

What is mental fitness?

Mental fitness means maintaining your brain and mind in good health. But what does it means? It signifies achieving a general state of well-being, ensuring the proper functionality of your cognitive abilities.

Start with the four crucial emotional components of mental fitness: self-acceptance, self-esteem, resilience, and emotion management. You can strengthen these components through various actions, including keeping your body in good health.

1. Physical activity and exercise

Brain researchers, biologists, and physicians agree: that physical activity boosts the brain. Regular exercise increases your brain power and prevents depression: It is particularly suitable for people who work in a sedentary position. You do not have to become a high-performance athlete, as it can stress the body and mind: A long walk at a brisk pace is enough. In the process, your organism releases endorphins, the hormones of happiness, which support your mental strength.

Eine Frau und ein Mann halten Ihren Geist durch Sport fit.
Couple giving each other high five after a successful workout together. Man and woman in sports wear doing workout in living room.

2. New stimuli for the brain

As children, we are constantly learning new things. As an adult, however, this is only partially the case. New stimuli for the brain should become a daily routine again if you want to keep your mind fit. It is a fun exercise and encourages new neuron formation, essential for a healthy mind.

Your brain enjoys learning a foreign language, playing an instrument, etc.: there are many possibilities! Explore them without stressing yourself out. You don’t have to master them.

3. A healthy stress balance

Positive stress is not harmful per se: It only occurs in the short term and keeps you moving, supporting mental fitness. The situation is different with the permanent stress. Make sure you don’t put too much strain on yourself on a daily basis. Challenge yourself, but don’t exaggerate: Otherwise, you will damage your physical and mental health.

4. Relaxation exercises

Meditation is more engaging for the brain than many people think. Those who do it regularly can positively influence their brainiac structures by forming new neurons and preventing the risk of developing degenerative transformations. Autogenic training and meditation are ways to improve the performance of the cognitive system.

Ein Mann meditiert für einen gesunden Geist
Young man meditating on straw cushion at home, space for text

5. Getting enough sleep

Sleep brings harmony to body and mind. If you suffer from sleep problems you will develop physical and psychological issues in the long term.

Sleep quality is essential and is the only way your brain can process stimuli and information in a fully rested state. There are many ways to improve sleep quality: The measures you should take depend on your sleep problem. Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Are you unable to sleep through the night? Is your sleep too short and restless? Analyse these problems and find an adequate solution.

6. A balanced diet

Did you know that your brain uses about 20 % of the total energy in the organism? Your diet has a direct influence on your body and on your mental fitness. Foods like fast food can contribute to the development of depression: a balanced diet and clean eating provide your organism with all the correct nutrients. They enable your body to function as smoothly as possible and have a positive effect on your mind.

7. Get out into nature

A walk through nature lowers your heart rate. It has been proven to relieve stress, which directly promotes mental fitness. In addition, your brain perceives numerous small, calming movements through your eyes, stimulating the brain cells and helping you de-stress.

Bring body and mind into harmony for increased well-being!

Your Humanoo Team