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Die Techniker chooses Humanoo

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Germany’s largest health insurance company was looking for an occupational health management solution for its corporate customers at the beginning of 2022, and Humanoo convinced them with its digital OHM platform. TK’s individual corporate customer solution is scheduled to go live in early 2023.

When Germany’s largest health insurance company invites tenders for a new occupational health management solution, the who’s who of the digital health market has its say. As the largest provider of digital health management solutions, we also took up the challenge of Die Techniker, approaching their potential partners with very specific product ideas.

Their goal was to find a platform which could be tailored to the specific requirements of the health insurance fund with minimal development time. Only a few providers succeeded in meeting the expectations of Die Techniker in this regard.

Humanoo becomes the WorkLifePortal (WLP)

As part of the cooperation, Die Techniker will receive our platform as a so-called white-label solution, i.e. as “open” software that they can modify according to their needs. In this way, we guarantee the most seamless implementation possible on the part of TK’s corporate customers as well as Techniker Krankenkasse itself.

From the beginning of 2023, corporate customers will be able to use the individual solution called WorkLifePortal (WLP) for their company health management and will receive:

  • Calendar, booking, and survey functions
  • a wide range of preventive health activities for employees
  • video and audio coaching for employees
  • practical tracking functions
  • motivational challenges and more.
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In addition, the HR managers responsible at the corporate customers can use optional offers such as

  • 1-on-1 video coaching with psychologists or
  • rewards to motivate employees

if required.

With its WorkLifePortal based on the Humanoo platform, Die Techniker, as a modern healthcare partner, complements its professional consulting services with a digital solution that enables its corporate customers to manage and coordinate all their occupational health management measures.

Humanoo convinced the health insurance company not only with the platform itself, but also with the solid experience it brings to this partnership. As partners, Humanoo and Die Techniker can effectively bundle experiential knowledge and provide their customers with the best possible support in implementing and managing digital prevention solutions.

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