What is Corporate Health, and why is it so important?

When organizations talk about corporate health, it refers to programs promoting employees’ health and well-being. When implemented correctly, it can bring numerous advantages. 

What is occupational health management?

Corporate health management is intended to promote employees’ health, physical and mental well-being, and motivation through coordinated measures. The main intention is to maintain and increase employees’ performance and efficiency healthily and constructively. 

Which benefits can I expect from occupational health management?

The first and last thing many of us have in our hands daily is our smartphones. The omnipresence of stimuli overwhelms us. Life and work worlds are changing, blurring. We have to be creative all the time. We have to constantly change by reinventing ourselves, constantly choosing the best among countless options.

All this comes not without consequences: Stress, too little exercise, and poor nutrition are major drivers of widespread physical and mental illnesses. And so everything that makes individuals and organisations successful today – creativity, flexibility, agility – is ground down and crushed by the current permanent tension. One thing is clear: if the individual is not doing well, the collective energy of an organisation quickly sinks.

For this reason, companies are increasingly realising that the health of their employees does not only concern the employees themselves, but is significantly connected to the company’s interests. Effectively implemented, corporate health management is a strategically valuable factor for every company – whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a large corporation.

Managers and decision-makers ask themselves: How can occupational health management be successfully implemented in the company? First and foremost, all steps must be carefully considered before the start. Exaggerated actionism often does more harm than good.

Before occupational health management can become a success factor in your company, the first question to ask yourself is what the strategic objective is. Do you need help to individuate your company’s needs and set your strategic objectives in terms of corporate health management? 


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