Simplify your customer interactions

HUMANOO allows you to easily create your own premium models and establish digital corporate health solutions.

We support you in creating positive touchpoints with your insurance customers several times a day. In this way, we boost your customer satisfaction and increase your NPS. This allows you to increase customer loyalty and attract new potential customers.

Increase NPS and boost customer loyalty

The Humanoo platform acts as a branded dynamic premium model for the Swiss insurance company Helsana.

Read about how Helsana’s partnership with Humanoo has improved both their customer loyalty and their Net Promoter Score while making them the # 1 download app in Switzerland:

Corporate health -

Humanoo acts as a platform for digital corporate health management for the insurance company AOK. After only a 6-month partnership, more than 150 corporate customers are already being taken care of in collaboration.

Simplified roll-out mechanisms have made it possible to make the offer available to customers in all segments with different employee numbers. Humanoo accommodates both small care facilities with five employees, and manufacturing companies with several thousand employees.

Create added value and establish new revenue streams

The NÜRNBERGER insurance company uses the Humanoo platform both as an extended service for existing insurance customers and as a gateway for agents in the corporate business.

By using Humanoo, NÜRNBERGER is pursuing the following goals:

Increasing the number of positive touchpoints with existing insurance customers
• Creation of a USP by offering a Humanoo White Label Solution in connection with occupational disability products
• Establishing new revenue streams in corporate business outside of the regulation through agents

What will be your success story?

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Positive Touchpoints

Humanoo reaches your insurance customers anytime and anywhere thanks to its integration on mobile devices. The wide array of content ensures daily interaction on all available communication channels.


NPS increase

Humanoo’s individual premium models ensure a high level of satisfaction among insurance customers through their diversity and means of interaction. The recommendation rate is increased accordingly through reward and cashout components.


Customer loyalty

Humanoo can demonstrate that the annual migration of insurance customers is reduced by 20%. Furthermore, the expanded service to your customers increases the perceived value of the insurance product.


Company health insurance

The same services are being offered in the employer-financed insurance market. Humanoo allows you to offer innovative packages that create significant added value and USP.


Corporate health management

Humanoo’s goal is to maintain the health of employees in the long term. This reduces absence periods, strengthens employer branding, and assists in the recruitment and retention of employees. Insurance companies and health insurers can use Humanoo to position themselves better with the USP of a digital tool.


Dynamic premiums

The potential of the monthly health premium lies in the dynamic design. The basis for this is the health activity of the insurance customers. Humanoo not only enables the measurement of the activity, but also takes care of the payouts of monthly cashouts.

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