How HUMANOO works

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HUMANOO offers both on-demand and 1:1 coaching

We offer over 3,000 personalised coaching programmes, videos and audio sessions across health prevention, fitness, mindfulness and nutrition. Engage your teams by offering information, guidance and coaching across all aspects of health & wellness

Optimise your employee engagement with the HUMANOO app. Our high activation rates are due to our wide-ranging, engaging and multilingual health content, complemented by our easy-to-develop team and organisational challenges.

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Community &

We motivate and engage your teams through a community-driven approach which delivers activities and group challenges focused on fitness, education and mindfulness.

By working together, we help create a sense of community and belonging within your organisation, by building challenges that engage your teams, whilst delivering healthy outcomes for the your people

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Outcomes and

Rewards provide better outcomes. By offering rewards for health activity in the app, we increase engagement and long-term commitment for wellness.

Long-term and sustainable use is highly unlikely without leveraging gamification and incentives: extrinsic encouragements trigger intrinsic motivation. This is why HUMANOO rewards commitment through exclusive discounts and cash rewards.

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Manage your organisation's health goals

Organise your company’s activities through the HUMANOO calendar function. You can organise and collect feedback through surveys and manage all online & offline activities in one calendar.

Create tailored surveys and health risk assessments to better manage and engage your teams. Our central planning and control tools will streamline your processes and provide actionable data.

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Our reporting allows you to measure and manage your employee engagement at team, department and office level, develop targeted health strategies whilst maintaining personal user privacy at all times.

Our ROI speaks for itself - reduce cost per participant by more than 50%

Clients investing in the health of their employees with HUMANOO

We love to talk

Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your needs and we will provide a demo tailored to your health & wellness goals.