Success Story

How Helsana managed to increase customer loyalty and the net promoter score thanks to its partnership with HUMANOO.

More reach, higher NPS

HUMANOO developed the “Coach” app for Helsana, one of Switzerland’s biggest health insurers. The app is based on HUMANOO’s own eHealth platform, which offers people a digital, holistic approach to preventive health management. Supported by HUMANOO’s white label version, Helsana succeeded in addressing all of its key insurees.

Ein mit Schnee bedeckter Gipfel -Helsana


Health App in Switzerland

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of Users are are active each month

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Downloads in the first 3 months

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1,2 Mio.

positive Touchpoints

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Innovative & Preventive

Helsana’s original impulse was to tackle today’s challenges of the insurance market proactively to continue its success story. By implementing digitally innovative and preventive methods, existing clients’ risk profiles were improved, while at the same time, overall client retention increased.

HUMANOO’s White Label Solution

HUMANOO’s platform for mobile devices was made for Helsana and its clients as a white label solution in a slimmer version with its own branding. The Helsana Coach app individually coaches and motivates Helsana’s clients to become more aware of a healthy and active lifestyle.

“When it comes to the net promoter score, the goal of Helsana is to be one of the best in the industry and to support clients in maintaining their health actively. For that, HUMANOO is the ideal partner. This attractive offer is a significant contribution to reach our ambitious goals.”


Head of Marketing, Helsana, Switzerland

New Ways to Reach New Clients

The Helsana Group aimed to boost its image as a provider for health and wellness to reach a higher Net Promoter Score and a greater retention amongst younger clients.

HUMANOO built a link between Helsana’s Coach app and their bonus app, Helsana+. This enables insurance clients to receive bonus points through the Helsana Coach app, allowing them to claim a reward of up to 300 Swiss Francs per year.

Corporate Preventive Health for 50,000 Companies

More and more companies realize how their success depends on their employees’ wellbeing. Helsana Coach doesn’t only accompany individual clients but also increases its reach through serving as an active corporate health-solution for its corporate clients. Integrating the Helsana Coach app has both strengthened the relations to corporate clients and at the same time created new touchpoints to approach their employees, which consist of current and potential new insurance clients.

“Ever since I’ve been using the Helsana Coach app, I have more energy throughout the day. It feels great to be with an insurance company, that really cares about my wellbeing!”


Insured at Helsana


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