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HUMANOO helps insurance companies and health insurances to attract new customers, increase customer loyalty and boost their Net Promoter Score. The overall goal is to maintain health long-term and achieve measurable results.

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Over 3 million active insured persons worldwide

Success Story

  • Helsana introduced HUMANOO to over 1.9 million insured persons and successfully increased customer loyalty, boosted their Net Promoter Score and gained new customers.

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The solution for customer acquisition, customer loyalty and boosting Net Promoter Score

Increase positive touchpoints

Whether it’s introduced into companies (corporate health management/promotion) or helping insured persons with preventive healthcare and bonus programmes, HUMANOO boosts engagement by 700% compared to conventional offline measures.

Lasting engagement though dynamic benefits

By uniting bonus programmes and preventive healthcare, insurance companies and health insurances are able to offer their customers monetary incentives and take the first step towards a dynamic benefit model.

Engagement through challenges within the community

From personal challenges and daily step goals to insurance challenges that bring out the participants’ competitive side or promote teamwork, HUMANOO has you covered.

Measurable results through data analysis

HUMANOO makes the ROI measurable in terms of the health of the employees! Company reports provide information on quantitative usage patterns as well as aggregated data on the health of the workforce. Changes and developments over time can also be tracked.

Simple integration in custom look & feel

Introducing a health service into your own infrastructure has never been simpler. HUMANOO creates a branded landing page for your insurance company, with your logo if desired. Employees receive their HUMANOO ID over the landing page and can get started straight away.

Proven to be effective by studies

HUMANOO’s lasting effect and positive impact on health was demonstrated by various studies.

Physical fitness

Improves physical fitness and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases


Improves BMI by reducing visceral and absolute fat

Reduces stress

Reduces stress and improves overall wellbeing

Motivation & sleep

Boosts motivation and improves sleep long-term


Winner of Awards 2017/2018


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