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Manage operations and increase participation rates

Our digital tools facilitate consistent OHM processes and encourage employees to be active on a daily basis. Humanoo offers:

  • A high participation rate
  • Central monitoring
  • Standardized reporting

The problem is…

  • Low participation in OHM measures
  • Time-consuming/expensive reporting
  • Poorly developed health awareness
  • One-sided health offer

Humanoo offers…

  • Incentives for daily exercise
  • Central control of all OHM measures
  • Educational content on health topics
  • Holistic health platform

Your Benefits

Increase participation rate

Gamification through challenges and rewards motivates employees to work continuously on their health.

Time savings through central monitoring

Humanoo offers you a platform for central monitoring and automation of all health measures in your company.

Quarterly aggregated reporting

The employees’ interests as well as the measuress’ effectiveness can be easily recorded through quarterly aggregated reports.

A holistic health offer

3000+ health promotion programs, access to psychologists & coaches in 1-on-1 video coaching sessions, and many more features.

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Our Features – App


16 different types of challenges that motivate employees to be active on a regular basis.

1-on-1 Video Coaching

Professional advice on personal issues precisely when it is needed.


Employee surveys provide valuable feedback on overall satisfaction.


Gamification through interactive quizzes for promoting health awareness.

Personalized content

A wide variety of personalized content on fitness, mindfulness, and nutrition.


Employees receive visualizations of their health progress in order to achieve personal goals.


The rewards in our Marketplace encourage achieving health goals.

3,000+ health promotion programs

We offer a holistic range of 3,000+ programs for any health need…

Weekly Class

Employees can participate in a variety of classes each week – created by health experts.


Employees receive important information via push notifications and newsfeed posts.


Our app provides employees with an easy way to keep track of all upcoming events.


Our library offers specific content for individual health promotion in numerous categories.

Our Features – Dashboard


Improvement potentials are recorded quickly and efficiently through self-created employee surveys.


Using our calendar, events can be created, easily managed and shared with all employees.


The health awareness of all employees is strengthened in a targeted manner with specially created quizzes.

Aggregated Reporting

Aggregated reporting shows you the most important health data of your employees.

Data Compliance

All health data is processed appropriately. Your employees’ privacy is always guaranteed.


Tailored notifications with relevant information ensure efficient communication with all employees.

HR Tools

Simplified management of OHM measures through integration with more than 40 of the world’s leading HR tools.


Humanoo is compatible with more than 90% of all available trackers allowing you to collect important health data.

Talk to us!

Tell us about your expectations and needs. Select your challenges and you will receive a demo version from us – tailored to the health and well-being goals of your employees.

What do you want to achieve?

– Higher participation rates in OHM measures

– Increased health awareness

– Higher employee satisfaction

– Time savings in the implementation of health management measures

– A unified reporting

– A holistic health offer