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Corporate Health Management 4.0
Certified according to §20 SGBV | §2 Nr. 34 EStG

Our goal is to maintain the health of staff long-term, which reduces sick days, strengthens employer branding and attracts and retains employees.

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Over 275,000 active employees worldwide

Success Story

  • Axel Springer introduced HUMANOO into their infrastructure and successfully increased their activation rate and long-term engagement with a variety of measures.

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HUMANOO – Your Solution

A gift for your employees

Our welcome box marks the start of the HUMANOO journey as a special moment. With that, we manage to reach a higher activation rate, boosting engagement by up to 860%.

Engagement through challenges within the community

HUMANOO offers step challenges to gamify health promotion in a corporate environment. Employees can reach goals together or compete against each other, boosting team spirit and motivation levels. The possibility to create own step challenges enables employees to invite colleagues of their own choice to compete with.

Lasting engagement through extrinsic motivation

HUMANOO is the only platform in Europe that issues payments based on health activity which increases employees’ overall engagement long-term. By doing HUMANOO programmes and courses, users can get a health insurance bonus of up to 150€ a year.

Integrating custom content and long-term analysis

Communication & event tool

With the HUMANOO calendar, selected administrators can create and manage company or health related events. Internal news as well as special offers and courses can be announced and advertised through HUMANOOs own messaging inbox. Additional push notifications guarantee maximum attention. 

Measurable results through data analysis

HUMANOO makes the ROI measurable in terms of the health of the employees! Company reports provide information on quantitative usage patterns as well as aggregated data on the health of the workforce. Changes and developments over time can also be tracked.

Proven to be effective by studies

HUMANOO’s lasting effect and positive impact on health was demonstrated by various studies.

Physical fitness

Improves physical fitness and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases


Improves BMI by reducing visceral and absolute fat

Reduces stress

Reduces stress and improves overall wellbeing

Motivation & sleep

Boosts motivation and improves sleep long-term


Winner of Awards 2017/2018


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