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Do I have to pay for HUMANOO?
No, HUMANOO is free of charge for you. Your employer has already paid your subscription costs.
What does HUMANOO do?
HUMANOO helps you reach your personal health goals. Covering fitness, physiotherapy, mental wellbeing and nutrition, we give you energising workouts, calming meditations and delicious recipes.
I'm not that fit. Is HUMANOO something for me?
HUMANOO has exercises and programmes for every fitness level, from beginner through to advanced. Adapt the level in the filter and receive results tailored to your personal fitness level. Why not start with a 1-week beginner programme and take it from there?
Is HUMANOO a medical product?
HUMANOO is not a medical product and does not replace a doctor or therapist. It's a preventive measure that helps improve your health and general wellbeing long-term. If you have an injury, are sick or pregnant and want to use HUMANOO please consult your doctor.
Can I use HUMANOO on multiple devices?
Yes, just download HUMANOO and log in on each device.
Can I use HUMANOO on my computer?
Yes, just sign up or log in on
Can I download and watch videos offline?
Not at the moment as it would take up too much space on your smartphone.


How do I download HUMANOO?
Go to your dedicated app store, search for HUMANOO and tap install.
How do I create an account?
You can sign up with your email address, Google or Facebook account or anonymously. If you've chosen to sign up with your email address or anonymously, you'll then be asked to enter a nickname and password. The next step is to accept our terms and conditions. Finally, you'll be asked to enter your company ID which you can find on the back of your HUMANOO card in the HUMANOO box.
I've lost my HUMANOO card and don't remember my company ID. What can I do?
You can check your company ID in the profile section of the app under Settings (Training - Profile - Settings). If you can't log in or have any other problems please write to us at


Is my data safe?
HUMANOO takes your privacy very seriously. We offer an anonymous sign up option and randomly allocate the boxes, meaning that your personal data cannot be linked back to you. You can be sure that private information about your wellbeing stays that way - private.
Where can I find your privacy policy?


Where do I find my company ID?
Open the app on your smartphone or tablet. Once you're logged in, go to your profile and tap the cog in the upper right-hand corner. You'll find your company ID here.
Can I delete my account and my data?
Yes. Just email us with your login name and company ID at and we'll make sure your data is deleted immediately. You'll receive a confirmation email once we've done so.
How do I change my password?
Open the app on your smartphone or tablet. Once you're logged in, go to your profile and tap the cog in the upper right-hand corner. You can change your password here.
What happens after my code expires?
The code won't be valid anymore and you'll no longer be able to access the app.


What are the technical requirements for using HUMANOO?
HUMANOO is available on all Android (from 4.4) and iOS (from 9.0) operating systems.
Is HUMANOO available in other languages?
Yes, HUMANOO is also available in German. You just need to change the language settings of your smartphone and HUMANOO will automatically switch to German.
How do I synchronise HUMANOO with Apple Health or Google Fit?
You'll need to synchronise HUMANOO with Apple Health or Google Fit if you want to participate in the challenges. Select a challenge in your profile and follow the instructions. You'll then need to give HUMANOO permission to access your activity data. Please note that not all smartphones are able to track activity data. If you want to take part in the challenges you'll either need to use a more recent smartphone or a fitness tracker that can track the specific activity you're doing and be synchronised with Apple Health or Google Fit.
iOS - My data isn't synchronised in the challenges. What can I do?
Make sure that you've given HUMANOO permission to access your activity data. To do this, follow these steps:
1. Open Health on your phone
2. Tap on Sources
3. Choose Humanoo from the list of apps
4. Tap on Turn All Categories On
Android - My data isn't synchronised in the challenges. What can I do?
HUMANOO uses your Google Fit activity data.
1. Check if you've installed Google Fit
2. Follow the instructions in HUMANOO to connect the app to GoogleFit
3. You'll be asked to choose a Google account in HUMANOO, make sure it's the same one you use for GoogleFit
4. Check if HUMANOO is connected in your Google Fit settings under Google Fit Data
I've followed all the instructions, but I'm still having problems.
Please write to us at, we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
Does tracking work with Samsung Health?
Not yet. Our team is working on it.
Can I connect my fitness tracker with HUMANOO?
Yes, if it can be synchronised with Google Fit or Apple Health.

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