Transformation from corporate health to people management

Low number of participants? Your employees’ health is worrying you? You’re asking yourself how “New Work”, mobile work or home office can be linked to health?

Humanoo offers you smart people management, so you can invest in the health of your employees, help them develop long-term routines and take responsibility for improving their own health.

Studies have shown that Humanoo is able to increase health activities by 30%, lower BMI and stress levels and increase motivation. In the long term, we help ease pain, promote well-being, and reduce absences from work.

Be one of the best in corporate health management

More than 300 companies with more than 275,000 employees worldwide use Humanoo every week to actively shape their own health – in up to 5 languages.

Daily App Coaching Sessions, weekly Classes, exciting Community Challenges, and motivating Cash Rewards not only promote the health of your employees, but also highlight unused potential for you through regular reports, so that you can make sustainable investments for your company.

Be inspired by our clients’ success KPIs.

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Daily challenges such as employee turnover, recruiting, or the management of absenteeism pose major problems for companies. The Humanoo Community provides insights into creative structuring and mindsets for achieving sustainable success in the field of company health management. Humanoo offers you countless solutions for taking action and responding to challenges creatively.

Sophia from Korian AG - Europe's largest care facility

Our product promise

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Coaching sessions

Humanoo offers over 3,000 online coaching sessions and videos in the areas of fitness, physio, mindfulness, and nutrition, thus ensuring that the needs of all our users are covered. The platform is also available in 5 languages.

Weekly Classes

Weekly classes on topics like physical training, workouts, HIIT, meditation, yoga, and autogenic training. An easy introduction to new training methods. Users can get in touch directly with trainers via chat and receive feedback via video stream.



Our company is certified by ISO and teaches processes for monetary incentivization of our users. Studies have shown that reward approaches can increase user motivation.


Step Challenges

With company-wide step challenges we motivate your employees to take part in a playful competition. Both in a team and in a one-on-one mode. This is how we enhance a sense of community and contribute to a strong corporate culture.

Calendar feature:

With Humanoo you can integrate on-site events into a digital calendar. Selected administrators can create their own events and communicate with employees. As an add-on, it’s possible to link existing platforms such as the company’s internal intranet portal.


Humanoo makes the ROI measurable through long-term collection of user activities. Humanoo collects and evaluates your employees’ data in an anonymised form, to create informative and  data protection-compliant company reports.

Do you know your ROI?

Did you know that on average every German person is on sick leave for 19 days per year? For most companies, this results in tremendous costs. However, those who focus on preventative health promotion can look forward to a high return on investment. With Humanoo, you can calculate your personal ROI and understand how our platform not only increases health in the workplace, but also minimises your costs. Find out more by having a free consultation with one of our Humanoo consultants.

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