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Personal Challenges
Whether it's 6000, 7000 oder 10.000 steps a day, set yourself a goal for yourself and stick to it.
Daily Motivation
Track your daily progress, celebrate your achievements and boost your motivation.
Company Challenges
Walk around the world with your colleagues and see who comes in first. Everyone's a winner in this competition!
Awards und Medals
It wouldn't be a competition without a prize. Get virtual medals for your daily effort.


People take an average of 6377 steps a day. What about


A short session before work can work wonders. Try exercising 
every day!


Leave your car in the garage and grab your bike. How many miles can you do?


Daily Challenges.

Daily Challenges.

Living a healthier lifestyle is all about the progress you make every day. Our technology makes this process fun and entertaining. Every time you take part in one of our competitions you challenge yourself to achieve more, get better results and to prove to yourself that you can do it. Exchange with colleagues, compete against them in company challenges, track your progress and celebrate your achievements.

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