Review of 2019 in numbers

The HUMANOO annual review for 2019 is here! The many numbers we crunched have given us lots of insights into the health activities and preferences of our users. One thing is for sure: Our users have never been as active as in 2019!

First and foremost, we would like to say thank you, and above all, congratulations to the entire HUMANOO community, whose curiosity, ambition and perseverance have made all of this possible in the first place! As we are always striving to improve our product, it is exciting for our team to see which content is especially popular with the HUMANOO community and which programs are used most frequently. We have summarized the most important (fun) facts for you below.

2019 was a year of mindfulness

This year, motivation exercises in the category of mindfulness were the top pick for our users. For many users in 2019, the focus was on “inner positivity” and stress management strategies. This is not surprising considering that according to the current TK Health Report, mental health illness has been listed for the first time as the most significant cause for employee absenteeism. In 2020 we will continue to work hard to counteract this development with the new content we’re developing. Finally, agility and strength training were very popular topics in 2019. In particular, our users were especially hard at work training their arm and abdominal muscles.

Favourite recipes

From a culinary point of view, we’re happy to report that our users consumed lots of vegetables in 2019! It seems that it is not difficult to do without meat, because vegetarian and vegan dishes were at the top of the recipe charts! The most cooked recipe was the “Rustic Pasta Pan”, closely followed by our colorful oven vegetables with curry honey dip. We are excited to see which healthy food trends will prevail in 2020!

Activity increase during the step challenges

Nearly 3,000 users collaborated or competed with their colleagues in numerous HUMANOO step challenges last year. The most exciting finding: During a step challenge, the average number of steps a user takes each day increases by no less than 60%. This effect persists, if somewhat weakened, even after the challenge has ended – a development that we are particularly pleased about, since the playful approach to the challenges clearly promotes a commitment from our users! In total, the entire HUMANOO community came to over 1.8 billion steps in 2019 and has managed to walk approximately three times the distance from the earth to the moon!

New year, new round

The HUMANOO community continues to grow and we are very happy to welcome many new customers and motivated team members to HUMANOO in 2020. For the new year, the rule is not higher, faster, further – but becoming healthier, fitter and happier! With this in mind, we wish you all a happy and healthy new year and are looking forward to the results in 2020!

Originally published on 13. January 2020

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