The time has finally come!

You can now create your very own step challenge within the HUMANOO app. Challenge your friends and colleagues to keep each other active and motivated.This article will walk you through how to create a challenge and invite your friends.



1. Go to the “challenges” section of the app.

If you have set a step goal and used this section of the app before, skip to step 4!



2. Set your personal step goal.

 Select how many steps you would like to challenge yourself to take per day. You can always go back and change this goal. What you pick here does not affect your challenge.  





3. Set up a step tracker

In order to participate in a challenge, you need to be able to track your steps. If you do not own a wearable tracker, you can easily use your smartphone.

iOS: use apple health which should already be installed on your smartphone.

Android: use “google fit” which may not be already installed on your smartphone. Make sure you have google fit and an account, and connect to that.



4. Creating the challenge

On the “challenges” page, click on “create a challenge”

First, you must upload a photo. if you do not know what to use as a photo, try taking a picture of the office or use a photo of your friends.

Create a title and a description for your challenge.. you can write whatever you like here. The title must be under 24 characters long.



5. Invite your friends

You will be given a link to use to invite your friends to the challenge. You can send this to them using any communication channel, such as WhatsApp, Slack, email, or Facebook Messenger. You can have up to 10 HUMANOO users in a challenge, including yourself. If your friend does not have a HUMANOO account, they will not be able to participate. People can join the challenge at any time. If they join after the start date, their steps will also be counted from the beginning of the challenge as long as they had a tracker connected.



Good to know: 


Challenges always start at midnight and end at 23:59 PM on the selected end date. Make sure your steps always synchronize regularly. This will be ensured if you click the challenge at least once per day. When a step challenge ends, there is a 12-hour time limit for users to sync their devices before the leaderboard appears. At best, make sure two hours beforehand that your steps from your fitness bracelet are synchronized in the respective app and that the data arrived at HUMANOO too.

If you have any questions our Support Team will be happy to help you out!

Happy Stepping!


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