Success Story

How one of Europe’s biggest publishers teamed up with HUMANOO to keep its people healthy and engaged.

HUMANOO Gets People Moving

The wellbeing of its employees is a matter dear to Axel Springer, but very few people showed up at the sports and yoga classes at their offices. The publishing giant decided to partner with HUMANOO to empower its employees to live a healthier lifestyle, an initiative that also boosted Axel Springer’s Employer Branding score.

Healthier Employees

Increased Employer Branding

Modern Look & Feel

Interaction-driven Participation

Axel Springer’s employees are constantly encouraged to participate in HUMANOO’s innovative, holistic health programmes through multiple channels – at any time, any place.

Two dedicated health advisors

Monthly newsletter

Intranet Posts

Ein Mann spricht -Helsana

Organising in-house events

“Humanoo is so convenient, a single app containing everything you need, and you always have it with you. Healthy inspiration every day!”


Axel Springer News Media & Tech

The Wow Factor for Employees

HUMANOO Onboarding Box

A good first impression is essential, which is why every employee at Axel Springer received a beautiful onboarding box to mark the start of their HUMANOO journey as a special moment.

While the activation rate among Axel Springer employees in offline healthcare services was previously only 5%, HUMANOO’s welcome boxes achieved a huge increase in activation rate of over 64%.

Variety of Workouts

Each employee gets to set their own goals and priorities assisted by a growing portfolio of more than 300 programmes for all kinds of levels.

Employees of Axel Springer who use HUMANOO actively have already completed 4 entire training programs on average since the introduction of HUMANOO in winter 2018. These programs consist of various training exercises across all categories that last up to several days.

In-house Challenges

Playful competitions between colleagues increase engagement. Steps-a-Day Challenges are a great way to bring people together and to strengthen the team spirit.

Evaluations of Axel Springer’s initial challenges showed that the average number of steps per employee increased to 9448 steps per day during the challenge, while employees who did not participate in the challenge came to only 7234 steps per day, meaning that challenges managed to increase the average number of steps by 30%.

Rewarding Participation and Healthy Living

Incentives keep people motivated. Biannual pay-outs through health insurances have proven to boost participation in HUMANOOs sports programs tremendously. Also amongst Axel Springer employees the pay-outs for completed certified health programs have become a popular feature.

Special Actions

Axel Springer launched various initiatives to introduce HUMANOO to its workforce. Intranet posts, colourful announcements in the hallways and e-mail + push notifications turned HUMANOO into a hot topic! These initiatives established a real sense of community across all departments.

Foodie Challenge

Offering incentives for choosing healthy food options

Integrating Existing Programmes

Introducing Challenges to boost the community factor

Continuous Analysis and ROI

HUMANOO makes the return on investment measurable in terms of overall health score for all teams. Study results show that running HUMANOO training programs for 6 months improved the users’ cardio, reduced cardiovascular risk, body weight, the BMI as well as absolute body fat. Through company reportings, HUMANOO regularly provides Axel Springer with information about user behavior and anonymous data on the state of health of their employees. Based on this knowledge, new recommendations on how to improve the day-to-day work of Axel Springer employees can be made.


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