The digital health solution

With over 3,000 coaching sessions on mindfulness, fitness and nutrition, as well as weekly classes, you can reach 47% of your employees and help them take better care of themselves – anywhere and anytime on Europe’s largest occupational health management (OHM) platform.

Flexible onboarding

Suitable for all corporate requirements: Choose from two options when it comes to how you would like to activate the comprehensive Humanoo offering for your employees via an exclusive ID.

Offline via Welcome Box

Would you like to invite your employees to Humanoo by means of a gift? With the Welcome Box, the activation code will be sent directly to their door and they will be personally invited to use it.

Online via invitation link

Would you like to roll out Humanoo digitally? You can also invite your employees to Humanoo via individual invitation links that can be sent to them via email, intranet or Slack.

An app that adapts to you

Most popular health promotion providers will enable you to reach an average of 5% of your company. With Humanoo, you will reach 47% – this is because, with our large offering and special incentive programmes, we address the various needs of all employees.


Reducing stress, transforming diet, or maybe improving concentration? Using their code, your employees can create their own personal profile in the Humanoo app. There, they can define their health goals and adapt them flexibly at any time.

Holistic coaching sessions, made with all employees in mind

Whether it’s well-being, sport or diet – we offer over 3,000 helpful programmes that are guaranteed to provide just what your employees require when it comes to their individual needs and goals – available in 5 languages.



Stress recution




Further benefits for increased interaction

Team building through challenges

With our free challenges, you can challenge your employees to a friendly cycling, swimming or running competition – helping to strengthen team spirit and your corporate culture.

Motivation through trackable progress

Even small feelings of success can be a great source of motivation – that’s why we’ve made it so that employees can easily record their completed health activities in the app and, if desired, integrate tracking apps such as Apple Health.

Incentivisation - €100 a year

Only Humanoo offers your employees a cash incentive of €100 a year for their health activities. This is because, in our opinion: Those who look after their health in the long term should be rewarded twice over.

Calendar integration

In Humanoo’s digital calendar, you can create company events and have them managed by selected administrators within your company. Platforms that are already present, such as an intranet, can also be integrated as add-ons.

Conducting surveys

Surveys on matters such as employee satisfaction can easily be created using Humanoo. Based on a psychological risk assessment, we can support you in setting the right priorities for your health goals.

Connect the Humanoo app to our partner brands

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