About us

We believe that health is the key to success

Our mission.

HUMANOO empowers people to achieve their personal health goals – anytime, anywhere.

Who we are

Recognising opportunities and achieving our goals together is what connects us all, creative minds, fitness freaks, physiotherapists, yoga gurus and food bloggers alike.

Consisting of 40 people from 10 different countries, our team is driven by family values. That’s how we stay motivated and on the ball.

We’re additionally supported by our experts in specialist fields, they’re also the ones who oversee the live support and are there to answer any specific questions. 

What we do

Health is the key to success. Our goal is to put all the expertise that we’ve gained offline into our digital health tool.

HUMANOO provides each user with integrated health training, determining the individual’s physical and mental health status in order to offer them customised coaching in physiotherapy, brain fitness, workouts and nutrition. HUMANOO aims to promote health and increase overall wellbeing, increasing happiness both in the workplace and in private life.

Health isn't everything, but without it, everything else is nothing.

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Our Experts.

All the content and features of HUMANOO have been formed, developed and tested by experts.
Prof. Dr. Ingo Fietze
Director of the Interdisciplinary Sleep Disorder Centre of the Charité Berlin
Maria Boettner
Meditation expert, actress and CEO of the Du hast Pause meditation app
Claudia Kunze
Motivational trainer and coach for autogenic training in companies
Anna Trökes
Yoga teacher and author of over 30 books
Thomas Korompai
Exercise physiology expert, personal trainer and CEO of R1 Sportsclub in Munich
Doris Kastl
Owner of Germany’s largest physiotherapy practice and respiratory therapy expert
Katja Taylor
Certified Yoga Instructor
Ronja Scholz
Sports Science and Sport Management Expert
R1 Sports Club
Private Personal Training, Fitness & Coaching Business Solutions 
Christopther Pogoretschnik
Certified physiotherapist, sport therapist and personal coach 
Chritsiane Hübbe
 Nutritionist (B. Sc.), Ecotrophologist (M.Sc.) and e-book author
Eat Smarter
Modern Cooking Portal for a balanced diet and healthy recipes 

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