3,000+ programs on the Humanoo App

3,000+ programs

We offer employees a range of programs to achieve health goals. This results in:

  • Motivation and productivity
  • Employee engagement
  • A strong corporate culture
A woman eats with the help of one of the 3,000+ programs.

Holistic content for effective health promotion

In our app, employees have access to more than 3,000 health promotion programs. The holistic approach covers any health needs.

We offer programs in the areas of:

  • Mindfulness
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition
The problem is…
  • low personalization of OHM measures
  • highly individual health needs
  • low participation in OHM
Our feature provides …
  • individual goal setting
  • a holistic health offer
  • incentives for regular participation

Mental and physical health

Employees can choose any program based on their own health goals. Each program consists of a certain number of daily sessions made up of 5-10 minute videos.

A woman searches in one of the 3,000+ programs


In our library, employees find numerous categories that provide them with a specific selection of health-promoting content.

Easy and uncomplicated application

Our programs can easily be carried out in the app.

Select program

Select and add programs easily in the app under the respective menu item.

Set a reminder

Employees can set reminders to perform the daily sessions at a specific time.

Regular activity

The app suggests how often the program should be performed each week according to the health goal.